Friends for Missions...With an Ever-extended hand to the least of these

Sponsor a primary student's education
$25.00 per month   *   $15.00 Annual Uniform fee

It's easy to get started!

Step 1: Select one of these students.
Step 2: Enter their name in the form to the right.
Step 3: Enter your name
Step 4: Click Pay Now.  You will be taken to PayPal to complete your initial sponsorship payment.
Student Name
Please enter your name.
Val Lendsey
DOB: May 22
Caleb Coquillon
DOB: October 15
Dieunika Guettina Valce’ DOB: Dec. 22

Chervensky Coquillon

DOB: Sept. 24

Malkendy Noel

DOB: Oct. 22
Nivenie Richard
DOB: Sept. 15
Jonathan Beaubrun
DOB: Sept. 6
Davidson Noel
DOB: Aug. 16
Karine Beaubrun
DOB: Mar. 22

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